Thursday, 11 April 2013



Chesire  is the sister of Artemis. They do have some things alike but , Chesire is a villanous crook while Artemis is a hero. They do still have fellings for each other,and after artemis's death (spoiler alert she dosent actually die) she is angered and is out to kill aqua lad which is who killed her (spoiler alert .....again aqua lad is not evil he is a double agent for his team) 

Artemis and Cheshire unmasked

Friday, 2 November 2012

Green Arrow

green arrow
green arrow is an archer. He is part of justice league America(j.l.a.). he has two side kicks Artemis and speedy aka red arrow. He has no powers but is very talented with his bow and a pretty good fighter.and has a relation ship with black canary who at first wanted nothing
 to do with him Green arrow is awesome.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Raven is a super powered teen that works with the teen titans. She has magic as her power.She can cast a black and white bubble around an object and move it with her mind,then drop it.She can also fly. Raven is called the portal because, her father wanted her so he could destroy the earth by using her birth stone to teleport himself to earth.   The monks of atharath saved her and sent her to earth,where  she became a teen titan.  Then after awhile trigon (Ravens father) attacked,then raven was sent back to atharath.  Robin left to save raven but, came back with a diffenent Raven than the titans once knew. She had retured as white rave who had defeated trigon. Then she faint and woke in her bed. As the normal Raven. Raven is a super awesome super cool super hero.
white raven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

   vote! vote! vote! vote!

Justice league vs Avengers

match one Superman vs Hulk

match two Green Arrow vs Hawk Eye

match three Wonder Woman vs Mrs Marvel

math four the Wasp vs Hawk Girl

match five Green Lantern vs Iron Man

match six Batman vs Captain America

match seven Aqua Man vs Thor

match eight Black Canary vs Black Panther

okay anyone can vote on any match you think would win i'm feally exited to see the results!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

  Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a member of the famous  justice league she has a rope and cuffs on her arms and her tiara could even cut superman. wonder woman lived on an island called the amazon the amazon people will not allow men because a god of war had invaded there island and killed many. that's when Hera granted the amazons a island were they would never age when the battle with the god of war was happening Wonder Woman/Diana was not born and then the queen finally had her wish for a child . The women are all born and raised to become warriors then one day a plan crashed on the amazons and Artemis there strongest warrior was asked to hold a contest to see who would return the pilot to earth and Diana was chosen and gave the Wonder Woman suite to her and she stayed on earth and became Wonder Woman!during the time she returned the pilot the god of war escaped and his powers were any mortal who he's was around would want to kill, if any one died he would gain more strength but all star hero wonder woman saved every one from his rage of terror wonder woman is really really cool

          Super Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is super girl after a victory!!!!!!!!!!

Super Girl is Supermans little cousin. She is 1 of the 2 survivor of krypton. The yellow sun light gives her, her powers. She is strong she has X-ray vision, freeze breath, super hearing and can fly!!!! Her weakness are red sun and kriptonight. She is a teen who lives in smallville she is a part of young justice and part of the awesome justice league. Super Girl is Super Awesome!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

                                       The Flash

The flash got his powers from a lab explosion.When A chemical poured on him it gave him the power of speed. He is called "the fastest man in the world"He is said to be faster than a car. His speed can bring him forwards in time. He is really rash and does not, I repeat dose NOT like sitting still.He is an original member of the justice league overall the flash is really coooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!